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Residence permit
Status of a foreign Ukrainian

Status of a foreign Ukrainian (Статус закордонного українця, Card of a Ukrainian) — Special status for persons of Ukrainian origin who are not citizens of Ukraine. It is confirmed by a certificate.

Gives the right to a permanent residence permit, and to Ukrainian citizenship.

Who has the right to[edit]

Any at least one condition must be met:

  • A person who is an ethnic Ukrainian;
  • A person who was born in Ukraine;
  • A person who had any of his or her ancestors born in Ukraine;
  • A person who had any of his or her ancestors as a Ukrainian.


  • Permanent residence permit in Ukraine for yourself and your family members outside the quota. On its basis in 5 years you can get the Citizenship of Ukraine.
  • If a Visa to Ukraine is required, gives the right to a free annual visa to the status holder and his family members.
  • Ability to work in Ukraine without obtaining a work permit.
  • Possibility to conduct commercial activity on the same rights as citizens of Ukraine.
  • There is a separate quota for the holders of this status for free education in Ukrainian universities.
  • Citizens of Russia have the right to enter Ukraine without an invitation.
  • If one of the family members has foreign Ukrainian status this status (with all advantages) also applies to the spouse and children.


For registration of the Status it is necessary to apply personally or by Power of Attorney to the Consulate of Ukraine, or directly to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in Kiev.

Package of documents[edit]

  • Application;
  • 4 photos 3,5x4,5;
  • Documents confirming ethnic origin.

The path to Ukrainian citizenship[edit]

Step 1. Enter Ukraine.

Step 2: Obtain a permanent residence permit.

Step 3. To live in Ukraine for 5 years.

Step 4 To apply for citizenship.

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