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== Welcome to the Migration Migratory Wiki! You'll like it.==  The goal of the Migrapedia Project is to make a resource with comprehensive and reliable information on various aspects of migration: documents, citizenship, tourism, visas, border crossing, registration, finance, and more. To gather in one place important and valuable information that is impossible or difficult to find in the open sources of the Internet, a concentrated squeezing of information from millions of pages of forum discussions.
The purpose of our non-profit project - make Unlike others, we do not set ourselves the resource with comprehensive and reliable information on various aspects task of migration documentswriting only dry facts, citizenshipbut also try to explain why in this way, tourismand not otherwise, visas, border crossing, registration, financefor the reader to find hidden patterns. It is also not a goal to create a maximum number of half-empty articles filled with "water" and general phrases. Better there will be few articles, but each of them will be interesting and so based onpersonal experience.
We are most interested in:* Migration migratory law.* Paperwork, logistics.
* Non-standard life situations and ways out of them.
* Subtleties of legal circumvention of restrictions.
Have something to say? Write in '''Migration Wiki'''!The main sections are on the [[Index]] page. == Main sections: ==__NOTOC__
* Documents[[de:Hauptseite]]** Passports[[es:Página principal]]** Driving license[[fr:Accueil]]* Citizenship and Residence Permits[[pl:Strona główna]]* Border Crossing Rules (Pass Points)[[ru:Заглавная страница]]* Transport[[uk:Головна сторінка]]

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